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Donald Bedford Elgin, OK

Bought the system 3 month ago. Still waiting to go live. The salesman told me I would be getting $1000 rebate. Have not seen that yet. I have asked a couple of times about the rebate, not getting any answers.

2 hours ago

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GODisaRefuge4Us Meridian, ID

Bad company. Obnoxious sales person going door to door. Stop harassing us.

1 week ago

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W Fenner Spring, TX

One of their representatives, Trent D came to my door, despite the No solicitation sign at the entrance to our community and the one outside my door. He argued with me and refused to leave stating I was the reason energy prices are so high, ranting about how he wasn't' actually selling anything so he was free to ignore the no solicitation signs. I will spend my time spreading the word that Vivant is a company that does not respect the privacy of homeowners and openly ignores no solicitation signs. This is known as trespassing on private property.

1 month ago

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Russell Vastine Aurora, CO

Offers a bundle of solar along with security for your house as well. Upfront about cost and friendly technician.

2 months ago

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gricel valdez Yuma, AZ

I was shopping for Solar last year and these guys by far were the pushiest. They wanted me to go Solar the day they showed me their proposal for rooftop Solar and I wanted to take my time. 48k for a system is something you don't rush to judgement on. I needed to take my time and be completely confident in my decision. After what seemed like hours of " let me think about it" the salesman relented and said that my pricing was good for only 48hrs. In 48 hrs I got more marketing from them then you can imagine and half of it wasn't even about solar. That was a big disappointment that cost them the sale.

3 months ago

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Kermit Davidson Columbus, OH

I've had solar for over five years now installed by Vivint, they have been bought by Sunrun. I leased my equipment so it didn't cost me anything to install, in fact they paid me $500.00 on installation. It has saved me some money, instead of paying PG&E monthly, I pay Sunrun. their rates are about 1/3 cheaper than PG&E. If I had to do it all-over again, I would probably purchase the system.

3 months ago

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Natalie Brown she hers Ft. Washington, MD

I have spent more than a year engaged in HOURS of being on hold, being told someone (never a specific person) would call me back before the end of a business day, the next day or within 3 business days... never to hear from anyone again AND having to start from scratch again. Terrible low character of the company, clearly do not value their customers, keeping their word, or

4 months ago

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Curtis Woods Malvern, AR

If I could do a 0 I would. This is a scam and I’m trying my best along with all the others that were scammed in my neighborhood. Nathan is a liar and a crook. My bill went through the roof and 2x higher than my electric bill. Please do not use this company. I have tried to call and no one will talk about this issue. Please don’t use this company vivant sucks

5 months ago

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Karen Williams Melissa, TX

Your salesmen were rude and apparently can't read. There is a sign that says "No Soliciting" ! They would not take no for an answer when we answered our Ring doorbell. The entire neighborhood was furious with these guys. Auburndale development - Melissa Texas

6 months ago

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Nicole Vaglienti Round Rock, TX

We purchased solar in April of 2021 after the big freeze and 100hrs without power...nothing was installed and there was no communication until September of 2021. We finally had it installed and they went through TriSmart as the contractor. HORRIBLE experience! The WHOLE experience has been absolutely horrendous! We are having trouble with our bill, finding providers, the cost that we were quoted versus what we are ACTUALLY spending, plus the loan payment... We went from paying $200-300 a month for electric in a 3200 sqft house to paying about $1000 with the loan for the panels, the other equipment needed,and the price of the electricity. I would never, ever, buy from them again. I wish that we had been able to do breach of contract or fraud. We are still waiting on our Tesla battery walls and the fence that we were supposed to get. So, overall, in general, I would give them a 0-1! Vivint themselves are great as our security system but the rest of it ? HATE IT! We feel duped, frauded, shammed, scammed, whatever other synonym you want for stealing and being lied too.... #vivintsolar #vivint #trismartsolar #trismart

6 months ago

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Wombat for Life Silver Spring, MD

After 5 years with Vivint we needed to have our roof replaced. The Vivint salesman told us when were deciding whether to go with Vivint, they would remove and reinstall the system at no cost for a re-roof. Vivint then demanded $3,000 for this service. We talked them down to $400. They removed the panels in May 2021 and then couldn’t get it together to reinstall until 9 months later in late January. It took 10+ hours on the phone to get them to schedule the reinstall. On top of this breach of contract Vivint billed me for $669 worth of electricity that was NEVER PRODUCED BECAUSE MY PANELS WERE IN THEIR WAREHOUSE. I refused to pay since I got nothing and they sent my account to collection! This company is in disarray and they are shysters. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD I RECOMMEND CHOOSING VIVINT SOLAR, NOW SUNRUN. YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DO.

7 months ago

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Luis Valcarcel

I want to thanks Nadieshka M for the Excellent service and communication with me and my wife in this process, you're the best.

8 months ago

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jerry hollie Oceanside, CA

Been a customer for a long time. Reached out to them about my current bill asking to review it for I felt it was too high. After sending 1 years worth of SDG&E bills they inform me there is no difference in my usage. I wrote back disagreeing with them and stated since my install I have replaced house heater, replaced old spa that was not energy efficient, kids moved out and the wife and I both work and not home during the day. So how can my energy usage not drop? I have 27 panels for a 1300 sq inch home. My brother has 20 panels and a 3000 sq foot home. Go figure. They have yet to respond to my issues. Bottom line, look somewhere else.

8 months ago

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Andy Riddle Fayetteville, NC

After my past away I called these people. They said I would have to buy out the contract or transfer to new owners. Otherwise they will lean the property so it can’t be sold.don’t trust this company ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 months ago

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Joseph Shorewood, IL

So far so good. No complaints. Good company.

9 months ago