Solar Industry Award Winners: Best of the Best in 2023

August 28, 2023

We are excited to announce the inaugural 2023 Solar Industry Awards by in partnership with

These solar awards aim to honor the trailblazers, innovators, and pioneers who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and excellence in providing solar services over the past year.

The Platinum Solar Award Winners

Out of the numerous exceptional contenders, the following 25 companies have risen above the rest and will be honored with the esteemed Platinum Solar Award for their remarkable contributions to the solar industry:

  • Solar Optimum
  • Sea Bright Solar
  • Renova
  • Mirasol
  • Sunpower
  • Freedom Solar Power
  • Shinnova Solar
  • ADT Solar
  • PosiGen
  • Solar Power of Oklahoma
  • South Coast Solar
  • Smart Wave Solar
  • Elevation Solar
  • Blue Raven Solar
  • Better Earth
  • PGT Solar Solutions
  • Sunrun
  • Axia by Qcells
  • LA Solar Group
  • ION Solar
  • Sunnova
  • Greenlink Energy Solutions
  • Solar SME
  • Solar America
  • Earthlight Technologies
  • Recognizing Excellence Beyond the Platinum Solar Award

    In addition to the coveted Platinum Solar Awards, several exceptional companies have been recognized in specific categories for their outstanding achievements:

  • Best in Customer Satisfaction
  • Best in Financing
  • Best in Value
  • Best in Employee Satisfaction
  • These awards highlight the diverse strengths of solar companies across various aspects of their operations, showcasing their dedication to providing holistic and exceptional service to their customers, employees, and the environment.

    Shaping the Future of Solar Energy

    As solar energy gains traction, the importance of selecting the right solar company cannot be overstated. With a myriad of options available, customers need guidance to make informed decisions that align with their goals, values, and budgets.This is where the Solar Awards by come into play.

    These awards not only recognize excellence but also act as a compass for customers seeking reliable and trustworthy solar providers.

    When customers see a solar company adorned with the "Top Solar Companies" badge, they instantly know that they are dealing with a reputable and esteemed provider. This badge signifies a commitment to quality, sustainability, and expertise.

    In a world where the energy landscape is rapidly evolving, the Solar Awards by act as a beacon of trust and excellence. They spotlight the industry leaders who are not just embracing change but driving it, making it easier for customers to make choices that contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

    Joining the Solar Awards

    For those looking to make their mark in the solar industry and compete for these distinguished awards, we invite you to consider applying for next year's Solar Awards. This is your chance to shine among the best, showcase your commitment to sustainable energy solutions, and be part of a transformative movement that shapes the future of solar energy.

    To apply to next year’s solar awards, please email: [email protected].

    As the world continues to prioritize sustainable practices and renewable energy solutions, the 2023 Solar Awards stand as a testament to the exceptional companies that are driving the solar industry forward.

    Congratulations to all the winners, and may their dedication continue to inspire and elevate the solar energy landscape for years to come.

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