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South Coast Solar

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Founded in 2007, South Coast Solar stands as a regional leader in solar energy installation, catering to the unique needs of Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. As a locally owned and operated enterprise, South Coast Solar has been at the forefront of driving solar adoption, completing over 4,000 residential installations.

The company not only excels in providing top-notch solar panel installations but also demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction. Offering free estimates, South Coast Solar goes the extra mile by rewarding customer referrals with a generous $1,000 incentive, fostering a sense of community and spreading the benefits of clean energy.

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2023 - Platinum Award | South Coast Solar
2023 - Platinum Award | South Coast Solar

Why We Chose South Coast Solar

South Coast Solar is a top-tier solar company, boasting a Master SunPower Dealer status, which places them among a select group of experts in the industry. They deliver durable and highly efficient solar panels that surpass competitors in terms of long-term energy output and resilience against harsh weather conditions. With NABCEP certification, they're recognized as true solar technology experts, endorsed by a widely respected organization.

Customers choosing South Coast Solar benefit from comprehensive warranties. Their solar systems are backed by SunPower's 25-year Complete Confidence Warranty, covering parts, labor, and performance. The company even guarantees its own 10-year power production commitment, ensuring energy production aligned with their expert estimates. Furthermore, South Coast Solar offers diverse monitoring options, including web-based, on-site, and third-party services, giving customers a clear view of their system's performance and enabling optimized efficiency.

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