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Sunpower by PGT Solar, established in 2019, has swiftly emerged as a trusted leader in solar, inverter, and battery installations. Serving homeowners in the Phoenix, Arizona valley, as well as expanding operations to Illinois and Nevada, the company has successfully completed over 1,000 residential solar installations, positioning itself as a prominent energy consultant within the state of Arizona. Sunpower by PGT Solar distinguishes itself through direct partnerships with tier-1 solar manufacturers, ensuring top-quality equipment for its customers.

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2023 - Platinum Award | PGT Solar Solutions
2023 - Platinum Award | PGT Solar Solutions

Why We Chose Sunpower by PGT Solar

Sunpower by PGT Solar's commitment to high-quality solar panel technology is unparalleled, offering clients a unique array of options from three tier-1 solar manufacturers, including industry leader SunPower, with whom they hold a prestigious Master Certified Dealer status. This partnership ensures the best-in-class combination of local service and the long-term reliability of highly energy-efficient panels, providing customers with customized solutions that precisely match their structure, user, and property requirements.

The emphasis on inverters sets PGT Solar apart, as they've aligned with Enphase, a leading name in microinverter manufacturing. This focus on high-quality inverter technology guarantees seamless compatibility with all solar panels from their partner manufacturers. The company's dedication to top-notch warranties, covering defects, peak power, and offering transfer options, provides clients with confidence in their significant renewable energy investment. Moreover, PGT Solar Solutions goes beyond standard offerings, providing access to the coveted LG Solar Chem storage system, a sought-after solution known for its impressive voltage range and seamless integration with their solar products. This commitment to cutting-edge technology, customized solutions, and comprehensive warranties solidifies PGT Solar Solutions as a reliable and forward-thinking solar partner.

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