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Solar America is a solar marketing and sales company that connects clients with the most efficient and reliable solar installation providers across the United States. Their objective is to streamline the process for individuals looking to transition to solar energy, sparing them from the overwhelming task of sifting through numerous options.

Solar America has established meaningful partnerships within the solar industry, including solar distributors, manufacturers, and local installers. By doing so, they simplify the decision-making process for clients, ensuring that they are connected with trustworthy and reputable players in the solar field. It is essential to emphasize that Solar America does not engage in solar installation activities nor manufacture solar systems or equipment. Rather, it serves as a valuable tool, enabling prospective clients to identify the most suitable installation services and equipment manufacturers, thereby facilitating the adoption of solar energy in a convenient and informed manner.

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2023 - Platinum Award | Solar America
2023 - Platinum Award | Solar America

Why We Chose Solar America

Solar America's approach to evaluating solar installation companies, providing accurate cost and savings calculators, offering manufacturer ratings, and offering comprehensive service area coverage significantly simplifies the process for prospective solar customers.

By offering installer ratings based on expert analysis and data points, Solar America addresses a critical need for clients seeking the best fit for their solar projects. The cost and savings calculator provided by the company goes beyond basic estimates, offering a detailed breakdown of expected savings over the system's lifespan, helping clients make informed decisions. Moreover, the inclusion of manufacturer ratings on various solar equipment components, along with key warranty information, further enhances the transparency and reliability of their service. Most notably, Solar America's extensive service area coverage across 35 states eliminates geographical restrictions, making it easier for consumers to access information on local providers and streamline the solar decision-making process. This comprehensive approach sets Solar America apart, providing a valuable and user-friendly platform for individuals navigating the complexities of solar energy adoption.

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