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LA Solar Group offers a comprehensive range of solar energy services, specializing in residential rooftop installations, but also serving commercial clients, and providing battery storage solutions. LA Solar Group takes pride in empowering its customers with knowledge about solar systems, savings, warranties, equipment selection, financing options, and system monitoring.

The company's success can be attributed to its highly-trained, specialized staff, including leading engineers, ensuring top-quality solar design and installation. The founder's background in construction and electrical engineering adds a strong foundation to the company's capabilities. LA Solar Group's dedication to excellence has been recognized through multiple rankings, such as being #1 on the San Fernando Valley Business Journal top 50 list and securing the #75 position on the Inc. 5000 list, solidifying its status as a thriving and influential force in the solar industry.

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2023 - Platinum Award | LA Solar Group
2023 - Platinum Award | LA Solar Group

Company MVP

Ara Petrosyan

Ara Petrosyan
  • CEO & Founder of LA Solar Group
  • Over 10 years solar experience
  • NABCEP and ETA certifications


Ara Petrosyan is the visionary CEO and Founder of LA Solar Group, whose journey from a humble van and boundless dedication has lit up the path to solar excellence for LA Solar Group. In 2010, armed with determination and a steadfast commitment to his clients, Ara embarked on a transformative mission to reshape the energy landscape. Today, his legacy shines as bright as the sun, with LA Solar Group standing tall as a symbol of pioneering success.

In an era where environmental stewardship and technological advancement collide, Ara remains the driving force behind LA Solar Group's ongoing odyssey. His leadership fuels innovation, guiding the company as it redefines the realms of possibility. Yet amidst the evolution, one aspect remains unwavering: Ara's steadfast dedication to customer service. His personal touch still infuses the company, a testament to the promise he made on the very first day.

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Why We Chose LA Solar Group

LA Solar Group offers a diverse array of payment options, including cash purchases, loans, leases, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), catering to various financial preferences and providing monthly savings on electricity bills.

Their live system monitoring systems, Enphase and Hoymiles, allow property owners to track solar production and usage, giving customers valuable insights into system performance.

Furthermore, LA Solar Group distinguishes itself with a comprehensive warranty package, encompassing a 25-year workmanship warranty, 25-year manufacturer's warranties for solar panels and inverters, a 25-year production warranty, and even a 25-year roof warranty. This commitment to long-term protection ensures customers' peace of mind in the event of accidents or malfunctions. The company's top-level solar products, including their own in-house solar cells, provide a wide variety of choices to fit budgets and energy needs.

Their partnership with Tesla for solar battery installations, particularly the Tesla Powerwall, showcases LA Solar Group's reputation as a trusted solar battery installer. Moreover, their solar panel maintenance services extend to systems installed by other solar energy companies, showcasing their dedication to overall industry excellence and customer satisfaction.

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