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Sunrun, headquartered in San Francisco, California, stands as the nation's foremost residential solar, storage, and energy service company. With an impressive track record of installing over 1,600 megawatts of solar power and serving a multitude of satisfied consumers, Sunrun holds a leading position in the solar industry. As the pioneer of the innovative solar-as-a-service model, the company remains at the forefront of solar generation, storage, and energy technology advancements. Their mission, to create a planet powered by the sun, underscores their commitment to sustainable energy solutions, making Sunrun a top-tier choice for homeowners seeking value, exceptional customer service, and impactful solar installations.
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2023 - Platinum Award | Sunrun
2023 - Platinum Award | Sunrun

Why We Chose Sunrun

Sunrun's emphasis on customization is exemplary — they utilize proprietary Automated Site Modeling design technology to create personalized solar installations based on individual needs and maximize energy production. The company simplifies the solar process, handling everything from scheduling to permitting, and provides customers with real-time progress tracking through the mySunrun mobile app.

Customers will appreciate their 25-year maintenance guarantee for leased or PPA systems, ensuring peace of mind and performance. The comprehensive warranty coverage for both the solar panels and the roof further adds to the value proposition. The inclusion of daily system monitoring ensures prompt issue resolution, maintaining optimal system performance.

The company's U.S.-based customer care team, the availability of battery storage options with Brightbox, and a high level of transparency are additional features that contribute to Sunrun's stellar reputation. With extensive availability across multiple states and an informative website featuring educational resources and an abundance of helpful information, Sunrun creates a positive experience for its customers.

The substantial number of positive Sunrun reviews, highlighting efficient customer service and the company's proactive approach, solidify Sunrun's position as a reputable and customer-focused solar provider. With an impressive track record, high-quality installations, and a commitment to transparency, Sunrun emerges as an industry leader and a top choice for homeowners seeking reliable and efficient solar solutions.

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