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Renova Energy

Renova Energy

Renova Energy

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Company Bio

Since 2006 Renova Energy has been designing, permitting, and installing solar energy systems and back- up storage.

They use the best technology and craftsmanship backed by a knowledgeable team and the experience of SunPower for residential and commercial applications throughout California and Arizona desert communities.

With SunPower’s stellar reputation and an investment into Renova, this Palm Desert-based solar company has made a name for itself as a trusted partner for customers’ energy needs.

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2023 - Platinum Award | Renova Energy
2023 - Platinum Award | Renova Energy
2023 - Best in Employee Satisfaction | Renova Energy
2023 - Best in Employee Satisfaction | Renova Energy

Company MVP

Vincent Battaglia

Vincent Battaglia
  • Co-Founder and CEO of Renova Energy
  • Author of “Cut the Cord: How to Achieve Energy Independence by Joining the Solar-Powered Microgrid Revolution.”


Vincent Battaglia's vision for renewable, sustainable solar energy began to percolate when he lived in Russia in the early 1990’s and saw the central delivery system that was used to transport hot water to homes through large pipes crisscrossing the streets — and knowing that (of course) heating the water could better be accomplished at each home.

By 2006, as a longtime advocate for sustainability, Vincent first envisioned Renova Energy as his Master’s thesis and opened a solar energy company. Since then, with Vincent at the helm, Renova Energy has been honored as “America’s First Professionally Accredited Solar Company” in 2012, as SunPower Corporation’s “Dealer of the Year,” and been on Inc. Magazine’s 500/500 list of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies three years in a row.

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Why We Chose Renova Energy

A SunPower Elite Dealer, Renova Energy provides the most advanced and energy-efficient solar panels in the world to reduce monthly electric bills. As desert solar specialists, the company incorporates specialized products and techniques that combat rapid temperature changes and seasonal effects to ensure each system produces the maximum energy possible for as long as possible. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and reliable, and adds significant value to properties.

Sister companies, RenovaROOFS and RenovaPLUS, add services needed by many residential and commercial customers — the ability to repair or re-roof and the maintenance that keeps desert solar systems reproducing at top levels.

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