Vivint Solar Review: Is Vivint Solar a Good Company?

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Is Vivint Solar a Good Company?

Company Overview
  • Provides 10-year warranties to replace and repair equipment.
  • Subsidiary of the largest installer in America.
  • Tesla Powerwall battery backup.
  • Power purchase agreements.
  • Offers purchase, loan, and lease options.
  • Panels with 15-21% efficiency.
  • Vivint Solar is a popular solar company based in Lehi, Utah and is now a subsidiary of Sunrun Solar (the nation’s largest solar distributor).

    Founded in 2011, it quickly became one of the nation’s most prevalent solar companies due, in part, to its extensive nationwide sales force and its low-cost power purchase agreements.

    The company is available in all 50 states and the Virgin Islands, offers 10-year warranties, and installs power backup solutions.

    What panels does Vivint Solar use? As a subsidiary of Sunrun, Vivint utilizes the same solar equipment and installment services as them. They utilize panels engineered by LG, creator of some of the best panels in the industry. There are a number of panels available through LG at varying costs and efficiency levels. The best is the Neon R model, which is currently the second-best panel in the industry for efficiency.
    What distinguishes Vivint Solar? Vivint Solar became a hit because of its extensive sales force and its low-cost power-purchase agreements. The idea behind the power purchase agreements is that your panels are installed for free and you pay Vivint the price for your electric bill (which can be lower than your current bill).
    Does Vivint Solar offer a warranty? Vivint offers the same 10-year workmanship warranty that is offered through Sunrun for repairs and replacements. There is also a 25 year warranty that may be available through LG, which you should ask them about if going through Vivint Solar.
    How much does Vivint Solar cost? Vivint Solar is available with a solar lease for $0 installation cost. With this plan, Vivint owns the panels so monthly bills would be paid to them for electricity. Purchasing panels for your home is estimated to cost anywhere from $15,000-$29,000. Costs will vary depending on the model of panel and factors about your home like area and roof.

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    Do Customers Like Vivint Solar?

    We’ve collected a relatively equal balance of positive and negative reviews on Vivint solar. With over 1,100 reviews, 52% are 4- or 5-stars and 46% are 1- or 2-stars. They provide many customers with a positive experience while others have complained about a negative experience with them.

    The positive customer reviews about Vivint Solar focus on:

    • Smooth, worryless installation process.
    • Transparent and Friendly Sales.
    • Saved money with solar lease.

    Negative customer reviews focus on:

    • Losing money and still getting billed by city electric.
    • Long installation time.
    • Sales Reps told them inaccurate information.

    The varying experiences with customers show that asking more questions and getting specific answers could be a good idea when using Vivint Solar.

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    Solar Equipment Quality

    LIke their parent company, Vivint Solar partners with LG to provide high-efficiency solar panels to their customers. These panels vary in price, depending on quality and efficiency.

    There are a number of different panels available for purchase which can be fully understood while discussing with their customer onboarding representatives.

    One panel LG offers, the Neon R, is currently ranked the second best panel in the industry. It operates at 20.8% efficiency and can come in a sleek black look for its premiere models.

    Energy Production

    The various panels provided through Vivint Solar operate from 15 - 21% efficiency.

    This depends on the model purchased and the amount of sunlight that the panels are exposed to. Sunlight amount can be affected by the area and season.

    One of the central ideas behind Vivint Solar is that they provide the panels for free, and customers pay them for a monthly electric bill. Vivint advertises that this should be less than the monthly electricity bill from the city.

    Attractive Appearance

    The solar panels that Vivint Solar offers look much like conventional solar panels, with a slick black appearance.

    Solar on the home usually increases home value, helping it sell for more.

    Many people like the environmentally friendly and modern look that solar panels give the home.

    System Monitoring

    Users of Vivint Solar use the Vivint.Solar application found on the Apple store and Google Play.

    This app provides statistics about the solar installation progress, energy production, and battery storage of your solar system throughout the day.

    It also tracks the energy consumption of the home so users can understand how their electricity is being used in their home and save energy.

    Tesla Powerwall Energy Storage

    Vivint Solar utilizes Brightbox battery storage provided by their parent company, Sunrun.

    Brightbox utilizes LG Lithium Batteries and power storage technology to maximize storage efficiency.

    With the Brightbox, panels can produce electricity during their peak hours of operation (afternoon), and it can be saved for use in the evening and night, when there is no solar production.

    Our Recommendation

    Vivint Solar, a Sunrun Company, is widely popular for its great solar-leasing programs and extensive availability.

    While customers provide mixed reviews, we recommend them for their streamlined consultation, installation, and generation process. We also recommend asking thorough questions to your onboarding representative to fully understand the service, contract, and expectations.

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