Sunrun Review: Is Sunrun a Good Company?

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Is Sunrun a Good Company?

Company Overview
  • Provides 10-year warranties to replace and repair equipment.
  • Largest installer in America.
  • Tesla Powerwall battery backup.
  • Creators of the solar lease.
  • Offers purchase, loan, and lease options.
  • Panels with 15-20% efficiency.
  • Founded in 2007, Sunrun's premiere service has made it the nation’s largest provider of solar energy. The company currently operates in 22 states with a mission to provide seamless service from sales and customer service to installation and operation. They provide multiple kinds of 10-year warranties as well as an array of panel varieties to fit the budgets of customers.

    What panels does Sunrun use? Sunrun partners with LG, creators of some of the best solar panels on the market. The Neon R model from LG is currently the 2nd most efficient panel (second only to SunPower’s Maxeon 3). Sunrun offers a few kinds of panels from LG with different prices and efficiency ratings. A Sunrun associate helps clients determine the best panel for their location and budget.
    What distinguishes Sunrun Solar? Sunrun has become the nation's largest provider through innovations that have allowed it to operate at a large scale. Sunrun pioneered lease-based solar, allowing customers to pay them like they would pay a normal electric utility company. Sunrun also offers to install the Tesla Powerwall.
    What is Sunrun’s 25-year warranty? Sunrun offers a 10-year warranty to their customers that includes system replacement and repair. While they don’t provide many specifics, you can ask your agent for details about the warranty for your solar situation.
    How much does Sunrun cost? Sunrun costs differ depending on your solar plan, locality, and the types of panels that are installed. Sunrun offers leases, which have a $0 down payment and come at a low monthly cost (as if you are paying an electric company). Sunrun estimates that buying a system will range from $15,000-$29,000. They offer financing to help people pay for these panels.

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    Do Customers Like Sunrun?

    With 64% of our reviews for them being 4- or 5-star, many customers have praised Sunrun’s service.

    Positive customer reviews often focus on:

    • Informative and Transparent Sales Rep
    • Streamlined Installation Process
    • Consistent, Thorough, and Follow Through

    They also have some 1-star reviews, amounting to 29%. The reviews that were 1-star complain about:

    • Unresponsive Technical Support Team
    • Long Delay to Installation

    Overall, Sunrun has earned a 3.6/5 star rating.

    The variance in reviews is likely because Sunrun contracts out their labor across the nation. While many people have a stellar experience, some people are matched with contractors who aren’t the right fit for them. To avoid this, just ask about who will be doing the installation service and get specifics.

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    Solar Equipment Quality

    To maximize efficient energy production and longevity, Sunrun partners with LG to bring some of the most top-tier equipment in the industry.

    LG is the creator of the Neon R model, the 2nd most efficient panel currently on the market (2nd to the Maxeon 3).

    The efficiency, reliability, and durability of the panels will depend on how much is invested. More expensive panels can produce around 22% efficiency (meaning 22% of light is converted to energy) and last around 25 years, while the lower-end LG panel can produce from 15% to 20% efficiency and don’t always last as long.

    More significant investments will have more significant returns.

    Energy Production

    Sunrun offers a variety of panel types at different prices. The more someone invests, the higher energy output and more durability they will get from their panels.

    The LG Neon R model which Sunrun provides is currently the 2nd best solar panel in its class as far as energy output. The 370 W variation operates at 22% efficiency.

    Utilizing the Tesla Powerwall and MySunrun's energy monitoring software, clients can maximize electricity production as they store their solar power.

    This helps them decrease consumption rates by storing excess renewable resources for later use and monitoring the amount of energy they use daily.

    Attractive Appearance

    Installing solar panels is an investment to the environment and your home.

    Not only do you get to enjoy a clean source of energy, but installing these systems often increases its value because homeowners want their properties to be supported by something eco-friendly.

    For those who prefer sleek looks over bulky ones, Sunrun offers stylish black panels that blend seamlessly into modern designs.

    System Monitoring

    Using the MySunrun website and mobile app, clients can access data about their electricity production, usage, billing, and any documents from the company.

    The ability to monitor energy production and usage helps clients to understand the difference their solar system is making and how to save needlessly wasted energy.

    Tesla Powerwall Energy Storage

    With cutting edge specs and quick response time, Sunrun contracts with Tesla to offer the Tesla Powerwall. The Powerwall is a hyper-efficient battery that stores solar energy for later use.

    It will instantly kick-in during power outages or times when solar production is running low.

    While it stores power, it also monitors energy usage and production to help homeowners conserve electricity.

    As well as utilizing some of the best tech in the home-battery industry, it has a sleek and stylish design that looks good on the outside of the home.

    Our Recommendation

    Sunrun is the top-selling residential solar provider for a reason. While operating as a solar giant, they are still able to offer streamlined, affordable and personal service to clients across the nation.

    We recommend Sunrun as a reliable solar service provider.

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