Lumio Review: Is Lumio a Good Company?

Tori Barrington

Is Lumio a Good Company?

Company Overview
  • Available in nine states.
  • $0 down option.
  • 25-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Fast installation.
  • 3.5/5 star customer reviews.
  • Founded in 2021.
  • Lumio was established in 2021 by the founders of various local solar and home service companies with a mission to “make power personal.”

    They are passionate about helping individuals and communities save money by generating their own power without relying on the electrical grid.

    Lumio is headquartered in Lehi, Utah and is available in the following nine states:

    • Arkansas
    • California
    • Florida
    • Idaho
    • New Mexico
    • Oregon
    • South Carolina
    • Texas
    • Washington

    How long has Lumio been in business? Lumio was founded in 2021, so it is one of the newer solar companies in the industry.
    Does Lumio have good warranties? Yes, Lumio offers a 25-year manufacturer warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty.

    This means that panels are guaranteed to perform well for 25 years and customers are protected from any damage for 10 years.

    What type of panels does Lumio install? Unfortunately, Lumio has not disclosed their solar panel manufacturer on their website, so we are unsure of the brands of panels they install.

    However, Lumio does claim to install highly efficient all-black solar panels from ethical manufacturers with great warranties.

    Is Lumio solar expensive? Lumio solar cost can be anywhere between $15,000 and $25,000, so it’s important to consider the solar company’s payment options. Of course, the price may vary depending on your home's unique energy requirements.

    Lumio does offer a zero dollars down payment option that allows customers to start making payments only after the installation is complete.

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    Do Customers Like Lumio?

    Because Lumio is still a relatively new company, they do not have as many customer reviews as some other solar companies. As of September 2022, they have earned 3.5/5 stars from verified customers.

    Of the customers who have written reviews, the majority have had positive experiences and have rated Lumio as 4- or 5-stars.

    Satisfied customers have consistently praised Lumio for:

    • Professional & Friendly Team
    • Quick & Clean Installation
    • Knowledgeable Sales Representatives
    • Great Communication & Follow-Up

    One happy customer left the following 5-star review:

    Lumio has done everything they said they would and done it well. They've been very responsive when I've had questions and made their information very easy to understand.

    Unfortunately there are some customers who did not enjoy their experience with Lumio. While they did say that Lumio was fast to install their solar panels, some have complained that inspection following installation has taken longer than expected, so their panels are not activated yet.

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    Lumio’s Process

    1. Design

    Once a home passes the initial inspection and a customer decides to go solar with Lumio, they get started on a customized design. Using a specialized design software, Lumio engineers can design a solar array that will optimize the sun’s potential for that exact home.

    2. Permits

    Lumio recognizes that this part of the process can be frustrating for homeowners, which is why they submit the designs and cover the permitting fees. It can take some time for the plans to be approved since they have to go through many different departments.

    3. Installation

    Lumio claims to perform fast installations, and customers praise them for this part of the process.

    One more inspection is performed and then the installation day is scheduled. The average installation takes about eight hours to complete.

    Lumio recognizes that you may want to be present for the installation, but they do warn customers that the process can be noisy. If you or your family will be bothered by the noise, they recommend making plans to be somewhere else during the installation.

    The crew will clean the job site and pack their tools before leaving.

    4. Activation

    In order to receive permission to operate, an electrician must inspect Lumio’s installation and the utility company will install the meter. Your solar can then be turned on and you can reap the benefits of your new solar system.

    Solar Equipment Quality

    Lumio is confident in the quality of their solar equipment as shown in the warranties they offer. However, they do not disclose which brands they install or manufacturers they partner with.

    Solar Panels

    Lumio proudly installs all-black solar panels. Black solar panels are known for having better curb appeal, but they are also made from high quality materials that tend to be more efficient.

    While we do not know which brands of solar panels they install, Lumio claims to source their panels from “ethical partners who stand behind their products with industry-leading warranties."

    Home Batteries

    Unfortunately, Lumio also does not specify whether they install home batteries. They recognize the benefits that batteries can provide to those who want to be energy independent and recommend contacting a Lumio solar expert to see if a battery would be a good addition to your home.

    To learn more about the solar equipment that Lumio installs, we recommend talking to one of their team members.

    Lumio’s Warranty

    Lumio offers two different extensive warranties to guarantee the performance of the solar panels.

    First, Lumio’s panels come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty. This guarantees the panels will function properly for 25 years and still produce 80% of their original production levels by the end of the warranty period.

    Second, Lumio promises that their work on your home will last with a 10-year workmanship warranty. Within this warranty period, customers will be protected from any damage to the solar panel system or house.

    Lumio Payment Options

    Lumio does not fully disclose the payment options available to their customers.

    However, Lumio does make it clear that there is an option available that allows homeowners to go solar with no money down. This option does not require any payments until the solar panels are officially installed.

    Lumio also offers a leasing option for customers who want to go solar but do not have the desire to own the solar equipment.

    Our Recommendation

    Because Lumio was founded by the owners of a few local companies and is growing fast, they now have the familiarity of local communities mixed with the resources and benefits of a national solar company.

    Lumio offers flexible payment options, comprehensive warranties, and a knowledgeable team of solar professionals. Because customers rave about the fast installation times and friendly sales representatives, we recommend Lumio to anyone living in the nine states they service.

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