Solar Is Freedom Review: Is Solar Is Freedom a Good Company?

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Is Solar Is Freedom a Good Company?

Company Overview
  • Multiple financing options.
  • Free solar home evaluation.
  • High quality equipment.
  • 4.8/5 stars.
  • Available in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and South Carolina.
  • 25-year warranties for parts and labor.
  • Solar Is Freedom was founded in 2011 by Tony Ranieri, who has a background in construction and solar. As a locally owned and operated company, Solar Is Freedom wants to help communities in the Midwest to grow and reap the rewards of going solar. They are dedicated to treating customers as their top priority through a no-pressure educational approach.

    Solar Is Freedom attributes its growth to their strong relationship with the community and exceptional customer service. They currently have offices located in Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; and Louisville, Kentucky.

    Where is Solar Is Freedom available? Solar Is Freedom is available to customers living in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and South Carolina.
    When was Solar Is Freedom founded? Solar Is Freedom was founded in 2011, so they have about 11 years of experience in the solar industry.
    What warranties does Solar Is Freedom offer? Solar Is Freedom offers two different in-house warranties. The first is a 25-year warranty on parts, and the second is a 25-year warranty on labor. This means that if something breaks because it was a defective part or because of something that went wrong during installation, they will fix it.
    Is Solar Is Freedom legit? Yes, Solar Is Freedom is a legitimate solar company. They are accredited by the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). This is an esteemed certification within the solar industry that signifies to customers that the company is knowledgeable, professional, and will adhere to best practices.

    They have also received a 4.8/5 stars from many verified customers who would recommend Solar Is Freedom’s services.

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    Do Customers Like Solar Is Freedom?

    The majority of customers enjoy working with Solar Is Freedom. In fact, many customers say they chose Solar Is Freedom after having consultations with many different companies, and it was worth it!

    Solar Is Freedom has received over 230 verified customer reviews and earned a 4.8/5 stars. 95% of reviews gave Solar Is Freedom 4- or 5-stars, and only 3% gave Solar Is Freedom 1-star.

    The few customers who have had negative experiences complain that it takes a long time after installation for the solar panels to be turned on. However, the overwhelming majority have had positive experiences for the following reasons:

    Successfully Reduced Energy Bills

    One of the main reasons people invest in solar panels is to reduce their monthly energy bill, and customers report that Solar Is Freedom has successfully done that.

    “We are enjoying a significant reduction in our Duke Energy bills thanks to the solar panels, even throughout the winter months.” - Richard

    High Quality Panels

    The key to a long-lasting and successful solar system is the quality of the panels. Customers like the high quality LG panels that Solar Is Freedom offers.

    “Solar Is Freedom is the company that came out on the top of my own personal research list for best product (I wanted the LG Panels), best installation, and best customer service.” - Tyler

    Great Communication

    The solar installation process can take time, so it’s vital that a solar company communicates frequently with its customers to keep them up-to-date on their solar project. Customers are very happy with how thoroughly Solar Is Freedom communicates with them.

    “Everyone has been professional and they have communicated with us each step of the way. They have been responsive and answered all our questions. I would definitely recommend this company if you're interested in solar panels.” - Valerie
    “Even though I had an assigned single point of contact… I felt the full support of a whole team, including… manager, the electricians, the roof installers, the legal/admin support team, etc.” - Azedine

    Smooth Process & Installation

    There are many steps customers must go through to get to the installation, and that can be stressful. Some solar installation teams are messy and unprofessional, but customers repeatedly praise Solar Is Freedom’s team for a smooth process and quick installation.

    “Your installation team was fantastic. They were professional and courteous. They worked non stop and got it all done quickly and it all looks very good. Your whole process has been amazing. It's been hassle free from the start and we are so glad we got to do business with you.” - Fred

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    Solar Is Freedom’s 8-Step Process

    Solar Is Freedom implements a series of eight steps to ensure that the solar design and installation process is as smooth as possible for their customers.

    Each step (except the permit approval) is performed by in-house employees, and an account manager is assigned to be at your service through the process.

    1. Home Evaluation Survey

    Solar Is Freedom conducts a quick 15-minute evaluation of your home by asking questions and getting pictures to ensure your home is a good fit for solar.

    2. Pre-Engineering Design

    Solar Is Freedom’s pre-engineering team uses the information from the evaluation to design a system that is unique to your home.

    3. Report & Presentation

    The team will present their design, walk you through the rest of the process, and explain how solar can benefit your home. This is where you choose whether to move forward with Solar Is Freedom.

    4. Site Inspection

    A few weeks later, a site inspector will come to your home to collect all necessary information for permits.

    5. Official Design & Electrical Review

    Solar Is Freedom’s project team reviews the information, finalizes the design, and conducts an electrical review.

    6. Permit Approval

    The team submits the project plan to the utility company and permit office and waits for their official approval.

    7. Installation

    After scheduling a day that works for you, the installation team will come to your home and install the solar panels. Your account manager will make sure everything went smoothly and answer any last questions you have about solar.

    8. Activation

    The utility company will install a bidirectional meter, allowing you to reap the benefits of net metering. Your solar panels will be ready to start producing electricity!

    Solar Equipment Quality

    While their website does not mention each brand of equipment they offer, many customers have reported that Solar Is Freedom installs high quality equipment. Everything is backed by 25-year warranties for parts and labor.

    Solar Panels

    Solar Is Freedom does not offer detailed information on their website about the types of panels they install. However, they do claim to have high standards for their vendors without being tied to one company. According to Solar Is Freedom, “This means that whatever you want, we can get.”

    Without listing their specific vendors, Solar Is Freedom says they offer tier-one panels.

    Some customer reviews mention that Solar Is Freedom installed LG solar panels on their homes. Unfortunately, LG no longer manufactures solar panels, but this speaks to the level of high caliber brands that Solar Is Freedom works with.

    Solar Inverters

    Solar Is Freedom installs inverters from SolarEdge and Enphase.

    SolarEdge is a world-class smart energy technology company that focuses on innovation, and they are a global leader in solar inverter manufacturing. Enphase is an energy management technology company that is considered a global leader in microinverter-based solar.

    Both inverter manufacturers are leaders in the industry who develop high quality equipment.

    Home Batteries & Net Metering

    Solar Is Freedom believes that batteries are not required to reap the rewards of solar, because homeowners who are in need of solar and back-up energy can consider net metering.

    Net metering is selling any excess electricity produced by your solar panels back to the utility grid instead of storing it in a battery. If you do need power during the night while your panels are not generating electricity, you use power from the grid, and the cost comes out of your profit from the utility company.

    If your goal is to have your back-up power come from clean energy, then Solar Is Freedom believes that batteries are the way to go. However, their website does not mention whether or not they install solar batteries.

    Solar Is Freedom encourages anyone in need of solar and storage to reach out to their team for a no-commitment home evaluation.

    Solar Is Freedom Payment Options

    Solar Is Freedom has several payment options, including purchasing upfront in cash, financing, and using a blended model.

    Their most popular payment method is financing through one of their top solar lender partners, because it allows homeowners to pay for solar at no additional cost. The monthly payment is equal to the amount of money you save each month on your utility bill. If solar panels have reduced your monthly utility bill by $100.00, your monthly loan payment will be $100.00. Essentially, your monthly bill stays the same, but instead of paying the utility company, you are building equity.

    The solar lenders offer loan terms from 12 months to 25 years to fit your unique needs.

    Our Recommendation

    We recommend Solar Is Freedom for their high quality equipment, flexible payment options, and raving customer reviews. Their NABCEP certification sets them apart from other solar companies as trustworthy, knowledgeable, and professional.

    If you live in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, or South Carolina, we highly recommend taking advantage of Solar Is Freedom’s free home evaluation to see if they are the right fit for your home.

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