South Coast Solar Review: Is South Coast Solar a Good Company?

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Is South Coast Solar a Good Company?

Company Overview
  • Provides 25-year workmanship warranty.
  • Uses highest-efficiency panels.
  • High customer ratings.
  • Helps customers find solar tax incentives.
  • Tesla Powerwall battery backup.
  • Leak-proof installation procedure.
  • South Coast Solar is a certified dealer of Sunpower Solar Systems that has done residential, commercial, and government installations in Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

    Utilizing Sunpower’s top-tier solar panels, they have a proven history of high-quality solar installations with the best equipment and 25-year warranties.

    Along with panel installation they offer a Tesla Powerwall backup system, electric car charging installations, and panel repairs with their 25-year warranty.

    What panels does South Coast Solar use? South Coast Solar utilizes panels engineered and built by Sunpower, the highest-performing panels in the industry. As one of a few selected Master Dealers of Sunpower equipment, South Coast Solar offers panels with the highest efficiency rates on the market. The Maxeon 3 from Sunpower, for instance, can produce at 22.8% efficiency (meaning 22.8% of sunlight is converted to energy). They also come with 25-year warranties and are regarded as the longest lasting panels in the industry.
    What distinguishes South Coast Solar? The government/military, large-scale businesses, and thousands of homeowners have chosen South Coast Solar for their consistently high-quality service. They don’t offer leases because they want to provide customers with a quality solar system that customers will have ownership over. In other words, rather than squeezing money out of customers, they seek to deliver customers a high value service.
    Does South Coast Solar offer a warranty? South Coast Solar by Sunpower offers one of the best warranties in the industry, with 25 years of coverage. This covers the panels, microinverters, racking and power production (meaning they will fix it or pay you back if it's not producing sufficient power). There is also a 10-year warranty on other installed hardware (such as the Tesla Powerwall).
    How much does South Coast Solar cost? As a certified master distributor of Sunpower products, South Coast Solar's prices line up with those of Sunpower, costing anywhere between $11,000- $46,000 depending on how many panels, your roof dimensions, and your location. You can check with a South Coast Solar consultant to get an estimated cost.

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    Do Customers Like South Coast Solar?

    Though we haven’t collected as many South Coast Solar reviews, they have earned exceptionally positive reviews from their customers, earning 5 stars from 81% of them. Only 3% have given them 1 star.

    Positive South Coast Reviews praise them for:

    • The best customer service
    • Smooth installation process
    • Significantly lowered electricity bills
    • Took care of the entire process with discussing with the city

    The few negative reviews state that there were mistakes with setup and breaking equipment.

    South Coast Solar has a 4.6/5 star rating overall.

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    Solar Equipment Quality

    As certified Master Dealers of Sunpower products, South Coast utilizes Sunpower’s industry-leading technology to bring the most efficient and durable panels to the homes they service. Sunpower currently creates the best residential solar panels as far as efficiency goes and many tests point to them lasting longer as well.

    Along with high quality panels, Sunpower/South Coast Solar ensures satisfaction with a 25-year workmanship warranty that covers the panels, microinverters, racking and power production (meaning if the panels don’t produce as projected, there are reimbursement opportunities available).

    Energy Production

    Because they are partnered with Sunpower, the sole-distributor of Maxeon solar panels, South Coast Solar provides panels with the highest efficiency on the market. Maxeon panels utilize pure monocrystalline silicon plates, light-trapping surfaces, an anti-reflective coating, and durable cell connectors to create high-efficiency energy production while ensuring that the panels last longer.

    Attractive Appearance

    Sunpower’s panels provided by South Coast Solar use an anti-reflective coating that helps generate more energy while producing a sleek black surface with no grid lines.

    The advanced design looks exceptionally good on the roof. Like most solar systems, the panels can increase the value of the home.

    System Monitoring

    Customers will be able to get the full Sunpower experience through South Coast Solar, using the mySunpower app and website to track energy production, energy usage, and pay bills/sign contracts. Sunpower seeks to integrate everything about the customer experience into one place to make the process easier.

    The app allows customers to see if something is going wrong with their panels and control the energy they use more consciously.

    Tesla Powerwall Energy Storage

    Many companies utilize the Tesla Powerwall home battery storage system because of its high-tech battery storage system, its energy-monitoring technology, and its sleek and futuristic design.

    The Tesla Powerwall stores energy during the daylight hours to use during the night time, and immediately kicks in during power outages to help ease customers’ minds. The Tesla Powerwall (created by Tesla, one of the highest-valued modern tech companies) also monitors energy usage and output to help consumers consciously control their energy consumption.

    Our Recommendation

    South Coast Solar, a Master Dealer of Sunpower Solar, was hand-selected by Sunpower for their outstanding and consistent service. Customers agree, which is why South Coast Solar has earned 4.6/5 stars and are contracted by commercial and government contractors.

    We recommend South Coast Solar for their consistent and quality service.

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