Blue Raven Solar Review: Is Blue Raven Solar a Good Company?

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Is Blue Raven Solar a Good Company?

Company Overview
  • Provides 25-year workmanship warranty.
  • Services 22 states.
  • 4.4/5 star customer ratings.
  • Ranked 20th Best Place to Work in the US.
  • Offers storage battery system.
  • Quick installation process.
  • From its start in 2015, Blue Raven Solar has rapidly expanded into a team of over 2,000 employees that services states across the US. According to their CEO, Ben Peterson, they have grown so fast “due to a great product that makes homeowners’ lives better by giving them access to clean energy and savings, and a nationwide team that puts customers first.”

    Our verified customer reviews agree, with over 700 reviews accumulating to 4.4/5 stars.

    Based in Orem, Utah, they currently operate in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

    What panels does Blue Raven Solar use? Blue Raven Solar is a Sunpower company, which gives them access to the most capable and efficient panels on the market. Sunpower has been working with Maxeon to develop hyper-efficient panels for years, culminating into products that have the highest sun-to-energy conversion levels tested to date (2022).
    What distinguishes Blue Raven Solar? Apart from their highly rated customer service, accelerated installation process, and premium solar products, Blue Raven emphasizes making a positive impact with their product. They partner with GivePower to provide clean water to water-scarce regions across the world. As well, they were ranked the 20th best place to work in the US by glassdoor, showing their commitment to being exceptionally good employers to their workforce of over 2000.
    Does Blue Raven Solar offer a warranty? As a Sunpower company, they offer an industry-leading Sunpower warranty. This includes a 25-years of replacements, repairs, and an energy guarantee that provides refunds/repairs if the Sunpower panels aren’t operating as predicted.
    How much does Blue Raven Solar cost? Blue Raven Solar primarily operates through the solar lease program. This means that the panels are installed for free and then a monthly electricity bill is paid to them rather than the normal electricity provider. Their goal is to offset 100% of their customers average utility bill, but this can vary based on location and roof-dimensions.

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    Do Customers Like Blue Raven Solar?

    With over 770 verified customer reviews, Blue Raven Solar has earned an exceptional 4.4/5 stars. 85% of reviews were 4- or 5-star. Customers praise Blue Raven for:

    • Top-notch Equipment
    • Speedy Installation Process
    • Outstanding Scheduling and Communication
    • Wonderful Customer Service

    The 8% of 1-star reviews complain about sales reps who didn’t communicate well and slow installation times.

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    Solar Equipment Quality

    As subsidiaries of Sunpower Solar, Blue Raven Solar is able to provide customers with innovative Maxeon panels. Sunpower and Maxeon have worked for years to engineer residential panels that provide the highest efficiency ratings on the market. This means that for their highest-grade panels, more sun is turned into energy than any other panels available.

    The panels have been estimated to operate efficiently for around 25 years, and Sunpower provides warranties that ensure this. They also provide a 25-year warranty for repairs and replacements of the panels.

    Energy Production

    Blue Raven partners with Sunpower to provide panels that were extensively engineered to maximize electricity output.

    The Maxeon 3 panel from Sunpower is estimated to operate at a 22.6% efficiency rate (meaning 22.6% of sunlight that hits the panel becomes electricity). This is the highest efficiency rate in the industry. Other models vary in cost and efficiency, including the Performance 3, Maxeon Air, X22, X21, Maxeon 5, Maxeon 6 and A Series.

    Ask your Blue Raven Solar representative to understand the varying costs and benefits of each panel for your home.

    Attractive Appearance

    The sleek, black design of the solar panels that Blue Raven Solar provides through Sunpower looks modern and stylish on the roof. With Maxeon, Sunpower designed panels without gridlines, giving them a reflective black finish.

    This design actually improves efficiency, using the black coating to trap more heat within the panel and generating more electricity.

    System Monitoring

    Customers of Blue Raven Solar will gain access to the mySunpower app, which provides data on electricity-generation, household power consumption, and monthly electricity bills.

    The power-monitoring is especially useful because it can help customers lower their power consumption, thus decreasing the likelihood of paying an electricity bill outside of solar.

    Tesla Powerwall Energy Storage

    While they don’t currently offer battery storage solutions for excess energy, Blue Raven states that this “will be an option in the future for those who want them (coming soon from Blue Raven Solar)”.

    Our Recommendation

    Blue Raven Solar has been consistently and highly praised by their customers for their top-notch equipment, friendly customer service, and speedy installation times.

    They are among the fastest growing companies and ranked the 20th best place to work in America for similar reasons: they are supremely focused on transparent and human-centered service. The possible downside of using Blue Raven is that they don’t offer battery storage options for excess energy (which they are planning to implement in the future).

    We recommend Blue Raven Solar for their consistently friendly and high-quality service.

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