Sunpower by PGT Solar: 2023 Platinum Solar Award Winner

PGT Solar Solutions Honored with Platinum Solar Award by

Tempe, Arizona - Sunpower by PGT Solar, a distinguished solar sales and marketing company, has been recognized as a recipient of the Platinum Solar Award for 2023 by This esteemed award acknowledges Sunpower by PGT Solar's outstanding contributions to the solar energy industry, its commitment to high-quality solar services, and its dedication to delivering comprehensive renewable energy solutions. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and customer satisfaction, PGT Solar Solutions has solidified its position as a trusted leader in the solar market.

Founded in 2019, PGT Solar has emerged as a key player in the solar industry, with over 1,000 residential solar installations completed across the Phoenix, Arizona valley. The company's expansion to homes in Illinois and Nevada reflects its growing reputation as a reliable energy consultant. PGT Solar Solutions stands out as a testament to innovation and sustainability, empowering homeowners to maximize utility savings while transitioning to clean, renewable energy sources.

PGT Solar Solutions' commitment to excellence is evident through its partnerships with tier-1 solar manufacturers, which enable the company to offer cutting-edge equipment for solar, inverter, and battery installations. By aligning with reputable brands such as SEG Solar, Solaria, REC Alpha, and SunPower, PGT Solar Solutions ensures that clients have access to the latest technology and energy-efficient solutions tailored to their specific needs.

The company's SunPower Master Certification and recognition as the 2020 SunPower Regional Dealer of the Year underscore its dedication to quality. These accolades reflect the confidence placed in PGT Solar Solutions by industry leaders and customers alike, cementing its reputation as a premier solar provider. With a wide array of solar panel options, including advanced microinverters like the Enphase IQ8, PGT Solar Solutions prioritizes both efficiency and reliability in every installation.

PGT Solar Solutions takes pride in offering comprehensive warranties that safeguard customers' investments. From limited defect warranties to peak power warranties, the company ensures that clients' solar systems are backed by industry-standard protections. Moreover, PGT Solar Solutions distinguishes itself by offering LG Solar Chem battery storage systems, featuring Li-ion NMC batteries with an impressive voltage range of 350-450V DC. This commitment to innovative storage solutions demonstrates the company's dedication to providing the latest advancements in renewable energy technology.

Through its dedication to technology, service excellence, and customer satisfaction, PGT Solar Solutions has earned its position as a Platinum Solar Award winner, setting a new standard for the solar industry.

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About PGT Solar Solutions:

PGT Solar Solutions, established in 2019, has swiftly emerged as a trusted leader in solar, inverter, and battery installations. Serving homeowners in the Phoenix, Arizona valley, as well as expanding operations to Illinois and Nevada, the company has successfully completed over 1,000 residential solar installations, positioning itself as a prominent energy consultant within the state of Arizona. PGT Solar Solutions distinguishes itself through direct partnerships with tier-1 solar manufacturers, ensuring top-quality equipment for its customers.

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