Sunnova: 2023 Platinum Solar Award Winner Announces Sunnova as a Platinum Solar Award Winner for 2023.

Houston, Texas — proudly announces that Sunnova has been recognized as one of the recipients of the Platinum Solar Award for the year 2023. This new accolade is a testament to Sunnova's exceptional contributions to the solar energy industry and its commitment to providing innovative and comprehensive residential and commercial solar services.

Since its establishment in 2012, Sunnova has continuously played a vital role in advancing clean energy adoption by offering residential and business customers across the nation a comprehensive, sustainable, and streamlined approach to energy services for homes and businesses. Sunnova simplifies an increasingly complex and multifaceted service offering where customers no longer need to worry about the upfront costs, maintenance, or technical intricacies of how they power their homes and businesses. Instead, they can rely on Sunnova as their trusted energy partner, gaining access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions. Sunnova's unwavering dedication to quality and service excellence has earned it a well-deserved place among the Platinum Solar Award winners.

Sunnova's remarkable 25-year service commitment on all solar panel installations sets a new standard in the industry. This comprehensive warranty reflects Sunnova's steadfast commitment to delivering excellence and standing behind its products and services for the long term.

The company's innovative Sunnova Adaptive Home™ solution, integrating smart technology into solar installations, exemplifies Sunnova's forward-thinking approach to providing tailored energy solutions that optimize the unique energy needs of homeowners.

Sunnova's diverse array of offerings, coupled with its proven track record of longevity in the industry, showcases its commitment to making solar energy accessible and affordable to a wide range of customers. The company's robust warranty, positive customer sentiment, and expansive state availability further underscore Sunnova's leadership in the solar energy sector.

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About Sunnova:

Founded in 2012, Sunnova is a pioneering force in the solar energy landscape, offering a comprehensive suite of solar power and energy storage solutions to residential and business customers across multiple states. With a 25-year service commitment, innovative technology integration, and flexible financing options, Sunnova stands at the forefront of advancing clean energy adoption.

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