Elevation Review: Is Elevation a Good Company?

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Is Elevation a Good Company?

Company Overview
  • Available in California, Florida, Texas, and Nevada.
  • Multiple industry awards.
  • 4.4 out of 5 star customer rating.
  • Curb Energy monitoring technology.
  • High-quality solar panels and batteries.
  • 25-year product and labor warranties.
  • Jerry Coleman and Brian Bair founded Elevation in 2014 with the intent to decrease energy bills but quickly made it their goal to create energy efficient homes. With smart energy monitoring technology, homeowners are able to be mindful about energy consumption and use their electricity wisely.

    Elevation is headquartered in Arizona, but they also service California, Florida, Texas, and Nevada.

    Elevation has also won multiple awards for their dedication to the solar industry:

    • 2021 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award
    • 2021 Top Solar Contractors by Solar Power World Magazine
    • 2020 Silver Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service
    • 2019 & 2020 ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year Award

    Is Elevation a good solar company? Yes, Elevation is a good solar company. They install high-quality equipment and use Curb Energy technology to monitor how much energy is generated and consumed.

    Their multiple awards demonstrate that they are trusted within the solar industry.

    Their 4.4 out of 5 star rating from over 500 verified customers shows that they create a positive experience for homeowners who choose to work with them.

    What is Elevation’s “elevated home” solution? Elevation’s “elevated home” approach assists homeowners in identifying ways they can be the most energy efficient.

    They inspect homes for insulation levels and air leakage to find areas that need to be fixed to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.

    How do Curb Energy and Elevation work together? Elevation acquired Curb Energy in 2020.

    Elevation installs solar panels, and Curb Energy allows homeowners to monitor the electricity generated by the panels. This monitoring technology helps customers see how much energy they are consuming and where they can stop wasting energy.

    Together, Elevation and Curb Energy help homeowners to be more energy efficient.

    Which solar batteries does Elevation install? Elevation installs the Tesla Powerwall and Generac PWRcell solar batteries.

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    Do Customers Like Elevation?

    Over 500 verified customers have reviewed Elevation, and the majority of them enjoyed their experience. Elevation’s collective customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars. 84% gave Elevation 4 or 5 stars, while only 8% gave them 1 star.

    Satisfied customers expressed their gratitude for Elevation’s frequent communication. They were consistently updated and informed at each step of the process. Many reviews mentioned how patient and knowledgeable the representatives were, and clients were impressed with how thoroughly their questions were answered.

    One happy homeowner recounted:

    “Excellent communication from all the team. Everyone is so passionate, and very patient considering how complex solar projects can be. But my team is available in case of questions and have kept me in the loop.” - Monica

    Other positive reviews praised Elevation for:

    • Successfully reduced utility bill
    • Convenient monitoring app
    • Professional & friendly staff

    Unfortunately, not everyone had positive feedback. Customers who had negative experiences reported:

    • Installation took longer than anticipated
    • Difficult to contact customer service team
    • No communication after purchase
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    Elevation’s Elevated Home

    Many people decide to go solar to save money and to be more environmentally friendly. Elevation recognizes that in order to make the biggest impact on your wallet and the environment, you should also look at reducing your energy consumption.

    To ensure that your home is as efficient as possible, Elevation performs a home assessment by evaluating the following factors:

    • Air leakage
    • Insulation levels
    • Air quality
    • Energy efficiency
    • Areas that should be sealed or insulated

    Costs to heat and cool your home will decrease and comfort will increase if everything is insulated correctly.

    This evaluation will increase your home’s energy efficiency, and according to Elevation, this can decrease the number of solar panels needed, which can save thousands of dollars on your solar project.

    Curb Energy Monitoring

    To improve its elevated home solution through smart monitoring technology, Elevation acquired Curb Energy in 2020.

    Curb directly connects to the electrical system to provide real-time energy consumption data. This technology allows homeowners to:

    • View energy consumption
    • Track appliance energy usage
    • See what is costing the most
    • Stop wasting energy

    This data can be checked on the Curb mobile app, and energy tracking information will be emailed to the homeowner weekly.

    Curb shows homeowners how much electricity is being generated by their solar panels and how much is being used in real-time by specific appliances and devices, which helps them know where they can stop wasting energy.

    Homeowners who do not have a solar system can still purchase Curb to track energy consumption and utility information.

    Elevation offers three different Curb packages to accommodate for the size of the property being monitored. Each deal comes with additional features and sensors. The regular Curb deal is for average-sized homes, CurbPro tracks energy for larger solar arrays, and CurbCommercial is best for commercial properties.

    Prices for the Curb packages are not disclosed on Elevation's website.

    Solar Equipment Quality

    Elevation promises that going solar with them will include high-quality equipment.

    Solar Panels

    Elevation’s website does not specify which solar panel brands they sell, however, customer reviews mention solar panels manufactured by REC, Panasonic, and Q CELLS.

    REC has been working in the solar industry for 25 years. Their REC Alpha Pure line of solar panels won the 2022 Intersolar Award.

    Panasonic is also a well-known and trustworthy solar panel manufacturer that has been making solar panels for 25 years. They’re known for their EverVolt series of panels.

    Q CELLS has been manufacturing solar panels for 23 years. Their engineering team developed Q.ANTUM technology, which uses PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) technology.

    Find examples of their top-performing panels (by wattage) below:

    Brand Model Power Efficiency
    REC Alpha Pure 410W ≈ 21.6%
    Panasonic EVPV410H 410W ≈ 22.2%
    Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO BLK ML-G10+ 405W ≈ 20.6%

    This is most likely not a complete list of the solar manufacturers that Elevation works with, but it shows that they have partners that develop high quality panels.

    Home Batteries

    Those who want to store excess energy produced during the day for use during the evening may be interested in solar batteries. They can also be beneficial to anyone living in a location that is prone to extreme weather or power outages.

    Elevation installs the Tesla Powerwall and the Generac PWRcell. Both batteries come with an app to monitor energy usage and storage.

    Tesla Powerwall

    Tesla is a trusted sustainability brand, and their home solar battery lives up to the name. The minimalist design is more compact and attractive than other batteries, and it can be mounted inside or outside. The Powerwall is also water resistant and can withstand tough weather conditions.

    The Tesla Powerwall has an energy capacity of 13.5 kWh and backup power output of 9.6 kW.

    Generac PWRcell

    Generac has been a leader in the backup power technology industry for about 60 years. With an outdoor cabinet, the PWRcell is able to function in many types of weather. Modules can be combined to fit any budget and store the amount of energy any home needs.

    Three PWRcell modules have an energy capacity of 9kWh and a power output of 4.5 kW, and six modules together have a 18kWh capacity and 9kW of energy output.

    Elevation’s Warranty

    Elevation’s solar installation includes 25-year product and labor warranties.

    Their partners also have extensive warranties. For example, REC and Panasonic offer 25-year product, performance, and labor warranties, and Q CELLS offers product warranties for up to 25 years and performance warranties for up to 30 years.

    Elevation Payment Options

    Elevation offers the four most common solar payment options.

    These options include an upfront payment, solar loan, solar lease, and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

    Homeowners receive the most benefits by paying upfront or securing a solar loan. In these cases, customers own the solar panels and have the ability to qualify for the 30% solar Investment Tax Credit .

    If an upfront payment or a loan is not feasible for your financial situation, a solar lease or a PPA can allow you to reap the environmental benefits of solar without owning the array.

    Elevation’s Rewards Program

    Homeowners who have benefited from going solar with Elevation can refer their friends for a cash reward. They can track their friend’s status by logging in to their Elevation Refer a Friend account.

    When the referred friend or family member meets with Elevation, you will receive $100. If they decide to go solar with Elevation, you will make $400.

    Elevation occasionally offers limited-time higher payouts for their referral program.

    Our Recommendation

    Elevation’s industry awards and customer rating speak for themselves, but they also offer useful and unique services.

    Their “elevated home” approach goes beyond solar panels and helps homeowners to ensure their home is as energy efficient as possible. Elevation installs high-quality equipment and offers useful Curb Energy monitoring technology to track energy production and consumption.

    If you live in Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, or Nevada, we recommend getting a solar quote from Elevation.

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